VANOOK products are all carefully designed, following a straight line through each collection. The combination of a clean design with highest functionality and quality make VANOOK Bags the perfect companions for all people who want to go beyond the obvious.

As they are handcrafted by German tailors out of supreme materials that are exclusively obtained from EU manufacturers these bags haven’t been travelling the world until they reach you. This both preserves resources and ensures a quality standard of the highest level.

Veronika Wagner and Svenja Weimann are the faces behind VANOOK. Both graduates of the Deutsche Meisterschule für Mode and Design in Munich they know their trade inside out.

They have been experimenting in the development of bags for years as well as working together on several projects during their studies. So the two of them finally decided to make it their profession to supply people who have a taste for unobtrusive, sophisticated design with what they have ever dreamed of: VANOOK

Material and Care

The special cotton quality used was originally developed for the tent industry. This guarantees a super lightweight, yet tough material that will stand the test of time. Due to the coating, which makes it water-repellent, the fabric also shows an individually changing surface with restrained, subtle crinkles.

Vegetable tanned leather is characterized by its genuine look. This means that the surface has a natural finish and contains no heavy metals at all. In the course of time a beautiful patina develops, a sign of quality and uniqueness. Small water stains, caused by rain for example, can be removed by either a wet cloth or a suitable leather care product without any problems.

The bluish grey lining is made of synthetic fibers of the highest standard. It has a pleasant soft feel of the surface and is still woven tight enough to be durable and insensitive to stains and liquids.

All metal components used have a mate, bronzed, antique finish. They are designed and made in Italy, are of prime quality and long lasting.


VANOOK leather fabric